The mission of the Telecommunications Association of the Southeast is to promote and represent the telecommunications industry by providing services, support and value for its diverse group of members and their customers through a forum that encourages the sharing of resources, ideas and information.


Alabama-Mississippi Telecommunications Association ...
2012-2013 Jerry McGee Fulton Telephone Company
2010-2011 Dennis Andrews Otelco
2008-2009 Jim Meade TDS Telecom
2006-2007 Connie Collins Bruce Telephone
2005 Richard Burgess Frontier Communications
2004 Jerry McGee Mon-Cre Telephone Cooperative
2003 Terry Collums Smithville Telephone Company
2002 Tom Butler New Hope Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
2001 Larry Taylor Moundville Telephone Company
2000 Robert Sledge Sledge Telephone Company
1999 Steve Mixson GTE
1998 John Nettles Pine Belt Telecom
1997 Steve Dyess ALLTEL Mississippi
1996 Tommy Ott National Telephone Company
1995 Jeff McGehee Frontier Corporation
1994 Joie Miller Georgetown Telephone Company
1993 Gerald Lacey Farmers Telephone Cooperative
1992 Linda Carter Peoples Telephone Company
1991 Mike Patrick Lamar County Telephone Company
1990 Gene Morris Contel of the South
1989 Dave Weaver ALLTEL Alabama
1988 R.H. Driftmier, Jr. South Central Bell - Mississippi
1987 James. F. Corman Southland Telephone Company
1986 W. L. Hopper, Jr. Hopper Telecommunications
1985 R.O. Sledge, Sr. Sledge Telephone Company
1984 Cecil Dupree Graceba Total Communications
1983 W. C. Roach, Jr. Continental Telephone Company
1982 H. D. McGee Fulton Telephone Company
1981 M. M. Kennedy, Jr. Monroeville Telephone Company
1980 John McClure Snook Gulf Telephone Company
1979 William Frey, Jr. Oakman Telephone Company
1978 William D. Bailey Decatur Telephone Company
1977 W. L. Entz General Telephone Company
1976 Don Groves Ardmore Telephone Company
1975 Joseph E. Hicks Peoples Telephone Company
1974 Harry Waller Bruce Telephone Company
1972-1973 John H. Vaughan Florala Telephone Company
1971-1972 Joseph D. Fail Bay Springs Telephone Company
1970-1971 Jean S. Brandli Coosa Valley Telephone Company
1969-1970 R. M. Pirnie Union Springs Telephone Company
1968-1969 Arnold Swallows General Telephone
1967-1968 J. Abie Miller Mississippi Telephone Corporation
1966-1967 Charles F. Fail Bay Springs Telephone Company
1965-1966 Sid McDonald Brindlee Mountain Telephone Company
1964-1965 Harry N. Lackey Hughes Telephone Company
1963-1964 R. C. Corr, Jr. Oneonta Telephone Company
1962-1963 Cecil Hodges Farmers Telephone Cooperative
1961-1962 Charles V. Lee New Hope Telephone Cooperative
1960-1961 Lon J. Darley Home Telephone Company
1959-1960 Carl M. Smith Leeds Telephone Company
1958-1959 DeForest Nolen Tri-County Telephone Company
1957-1958 Ralston Robertson Bayou Telephone Company
1956-1957 Earl McDonald Ackerman Telephone Company
1955-1956 R. A. Bailey Leeds Telephone Company
1954-1955 W. F. Corman Southland Telephone Company
1953-1954 W. F. Thomas Elmore-Coosa Telephone Company
1952-1953 W. J. Holladay Alabama Telephone Company
1951-1952 M. G. Weaver Peoples Telephone Company
1950-1951 L. G. Vaughan Florala Telephone Company
1949-1950 Ward Snook Gulf Service Company
1948-1949 C. E. Kirk United Telephone & Telegraph
1946-1948 R. S. Griffin United Telephone & Telegraph
1943-1946 Minor Corman Atmore Telephone Company
1941-1943 H. W. Vaughan Alabama Telephone Company
1940-1941 James N. Cox, Jr. Alabama Telephone Company
1939-1940 G. R. McKelvey Standard Telephone & Telegraph
1935-1939 G. A. Crenshaw Greenville Telephone Exchange
Florida Telecommunications Industry Association ...
2009 C. Dean Kurtz CenturyLink
2007-2008 James L. White Windstream Communications
2006-2007 David M. Christian Verizon Florida
2005-2006 Paula Hickman Nextel Communications
2004-2005 J. Frank Holcomb TDS Telecom/Quincy
2003-2004 Charles J. Rehwinkel Sprint
2002-2003 James T. Schumacher Smart City Telecom
2001-2002 Marshal M. Criser, III BellSouth
2000-2001 G. Herb Sheheane AT&T