Michelle Sellner-Marsh

National Sales Representative





Alarm Monitoring Services

Alarm Monitoring Services, Inc. (AMS) was founded over four decades ago for the single purpose of serving dealers by monitoring alarms. Over our history, we have expanded on this vision of dealer service by adding staff and tools to meet our dealers’ administrative needs. While many central stations compete with dealers or try to do too many jobs, AMS has always focused on our priority: providing superior monitoring and administrative services to our dealers.

Technological advances and the current focus on increased security throughout our nation present us with new challenges and opportunities. The need for monitored security systems remains high. The markets for personal security and asset tracking have grown sharply as new GPS technologies have expanded what we can monitor. Advances in video allow us to provide a higher level of security for residential and commercial customers.

Reflecting our commitment to monitoring, AMS will take an aggressive approach in sales and promotion of these new technologies. Developing technologies will allow us to expand the boundaries of our industry. Future prosperity for ourselves and for our dealers will come through staying at the forefront of this evolution.