Randall Tew

Director - Sales





Tejas Networks

5057 Keller Springs Rd., Suite 300

Dallas, TX 75001

TEJAS NETWORKS Tejas Networks was founded in 2000 and is the largest optical networking equipment provider in India, ranking in the top 10 globally. Tejas has offices in over 70 countries globally with our US headquarters in Dallas Texas. We offer a broad range of networking equipment including Packet Optical/DWDM, L2 Switching, Circuit Emulation, OTN switching, and GPON. Tejas quickly adapts to new market needs to deliver integrated and cost effective solutions by using programmable FPGA technology, software, and pluggable optics. Tejas has over 500,000 systems shipped globally with over 45,000 systems deployed in the US through direct sales and OEM relationships.